The Exciting Adventures of Rockford UMC

New Bible Study

Rockford United Methodist Church has begun a Sunday evening study of the Bible books Ezra and Nehemiah. We have learned among other things: 1) that there will always be those who try to undermine our efforts, but that when something is of God it cannot be stopped, and  2) how God can even use unlikely people to put his plans in place.  We would love to have any one join in our study and discussion. Time: 7:00.

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Charge Conference

charnge_conference_graphicOur Charge Conference will be held on Sunday, Nov. 16, 2008, and will be a joint worship service with Andrews Chapel UMC. It willl be at Rockford at 10:00 AM, our District Superintendent Richard Stryker will be presiding. Come and join us!

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Methodist News

Three news feeds have been aded to the sidebar. The United Methodist News provides stories from the UMC on a national and global level. The North Alabama Conference News shows new stories about what is happening in our conference. The Bishop’s Blog provides the weekly writings of Bishop Willimon. These feeds will help us to keep up with the Methodist mission on the world on a larger scale. Enjoy!

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